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If there's no navigation bar on the left then click here. This site is to do with anything Vauxhall related and is not affiliated with Vauxhall, Opel, Holden or GM in any way.

New Article: Buying a Vauxhall Astra Guide new

Looking to buy a new or second hand Vauxhall Astra? Read our latest post on what this classic has to offer.

Editors Note: Topbuzz Items for sale new

My very own stuff is for sale. I'm moving out hence clearing my room and garage and shifting as much as possible.

All items can be delivered at an extra cost. Click here to see the list.

**Update**: Most engine/car parts are gone but there are still a few items still left like 16" alloy wheels and ported/flowed Nova GTE head for example.

Info Tech Section
ABS Codes - updated

The info tech guide on reading ABS fault codes has been updated to include more new codes, including some Traction Control (TC) codes too.

Gallery Section new
New - Jonathan Sands (Vectra 2.5L V6 GSi Turbo!)

This week we have Jonathan Sands 2.5L V6 Vectra GSi Turbo, yep you read that right, its had a turbo charger bolted onto the V6 lump.

If you want to send your car into the gallery, modified or not, then click here for more details. You'll then be added to the ever growing list below. We still have the following backlog to add:-

  • Chris Parrott [Mazz] (Nova GTE)
  • Frank Frohn (Opel Corsa-A GSi) - update
  • Chris Coulson (Nova GTE) - update
  • Matt Young (Nova 1.8 16v) - update
  • Nuno Quintelas (Opel Corsa-A 1.3 GT)
  • Harvey Emsley (Astra 1.3) - update
  • Harvey Emsley (Vectra 2.5L V6 ST200)
  • Lee Gothorp (Calibra 2L 16v)
  • Shaohao Khong (Holden Astra SRi)
  • Xavier Deswarte (Opel Vectra GT)
  • Gavin Beecham (Cavalier GSi 2000)
  • Scott Williams (Calibra DTM 2L 16v)
  • Matthew Foster (Astra SXi 1.6L 16v)
  • Mike Bailey (Astra GTE 8v)
  • Mike Bailey (Astra 1.6 Convertible)
  • Mike Bailey (Astra GSi 16v)
  • Chris Tough (2.5L V6 Nova Saloon)
  • Steve Vallis (VX220)
  • Nigel Smith (Nova GTE - update)
  • Thomas Dun (Nova 1.6L 8v)
  • David Ashcroft (Nova 1.2)
  • James Ford (Nova 1.2)
  • Daniel Gibbons (Astra MK2 1.6GL)
  • Dave Tijssen (Opel Calibra Trubo 4x4 Targa)
  • Simon Woolfrey (Nova GTE)
  • Gareth Higson (Calibra 2L 16v) - update

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